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September 1 - 3 • 2014 • HILTON Antwerp

i-SUP2014 Newsletter -- February 2014 - First Announcement

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The i-SUP2014 Newsletter - February 2014
First Announcement
Dirk Fransaer, managing director VITO In September 2014, the partners TERI and VITO organize the 4th edition of the i-SUP Conference, aiming at Industry & Innovative Sustainable Production. The focus lies on growth by solving the grand societal challenges of tomorrow and how industry can achieve this in close co-operation with innovation institutes and investors. Tackling the innovation challenges with an integrated consortium offers perspectives for new breakthroughs!


Why should you participate?


Economic growth is the basic principle of the conference. Sustainable innovation will not only take the planet (e.g. global warming or the depletion of raw materials) into consideration, but lays equal emphasis on profit (the economy) and the social dimension people as well. In other words, an innovative solution is only sustainable if it is also affordable, so that it can be made widely available. Solutions of this type will "automatically" encourage growth, as they will attract private funding and are not dependent on public resources. The conference's theme is therefore "growth and sustainability". And we believe YOU can play a key role in this process.


Chemistry – Energy – Material Use

Sustainable Chemistry Sustainable Energy Sustainable Materials Use i-SUP assembles experts from industry, policy-makers and scientists, from throughout the world, from different disciplines & technologies on their proper domain: sustainable chemistry, energy and material use. The absolute asset of i-SUP are the plenary sessions transcending and integrating all domains, thus creating the leverage for the transitions needed by societies everywhere.

What to expect

  • Host for i-SUP2014, is the city of Antwerp in the famous Hilton Hotel
  • Antwerp, known as second largest and most productive seaport in Europe, world's second largest chemical cluster, industry and famous for fashion and diamonds...
  • Internationally renowned topspeakers highlighting three central themes energy, chemistry and materials and giving lectures in the plenary and parallel sessions
  • 500 expected participants attending the conference
  • The opportunity for a test drive in the city during the electric vehicle event
  • Social and network activities, such as conference dinner, reception at the townhall, CEO summit with the Captains of Industry Roundtable


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Looking forward to meeting you at i-SUP2014!

Dirk Fransaer
Managing director VITO

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Josiane De Keersmaecker
Organizing Committee

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