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September 1 - 3 • 2014 • HILTON Antwerp

i-SUP2014 Newsletter -- March 2014 - Highlighting the 4 themes of i-SUP

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The i-SUP2014 Newsflash - March 2014
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i-SUP2014 is the place to be on 1, 2 and 3 September in Antwerp

The future of our industry will be the main conversation topic at the Antwerp Hilton during the i-SUP2014 conference. Technology for the future in three key areas: Energy, Materials and Chemistry, will be highlighted by worldwide experts in various domains, in interaction with each other.. And what do these future developments mean for Investments? This domain is the 4th pillar of i-SUP2014.

Mark 1 to 3 September already now in your diary!

The four thematic chairs

Guy Vekemans Dirk Vangeneugden Ludo Diels Carine Van hove
Guy Vekemans,
Chair Energy
Dirk Vangeneugden,
Chair Materials
Ludo Diels,
Chair Chemicals
Carine Van Hove,
Chair Investments


How can the EU industry grow in the context of the current energy revolution?

How can the EU industry grow in the context of the current energy revolution?This is the key issue of the Energy session at i-SUP2014. New shale gas explorations have a major impact on the geo-political landscape and on energy prices. Costs of renewable energy generation are decreasing, but at the same time this renewable generation puts a stress on the energy system. For all actors, industrial companies, investors, energy suppliers, grid operators, energy consumers, service providers and governments, the question is how to take new positions leading to growth instead of lock-in.

First we aim to clarify the main trends of this energy "revolution" and the expected consequences for the European (industrial) landscape. The industrial harbour environment is an ideal showcase.

Second we elaborate on new opportunities linking industries. Renewable energy will only deliver full benefits through affordable short and long term storage technologies. For long term storage, "power to gas" and "power to chemicals" are on the edge of a commercial breakthrough, linking energy and chemical industry.

"Energy networks for urban growth" is the third key element of the energy session. Starting with examples of organizational and business structures of heating networks, the presentations focus on a specific renewable energy source linked to these urban networks: geothermal energy.


Supply, innovation and new business concepts of materials in a sustainable world

Supply, innovation and new business concepts of materials in a sustainable worldAccess to raw materials at an affordable cost is essential for economic growth. Rising demands from middle-class consumers and strategic positioning on the world market put increasing pressure on material supply. This opens opportunities for new, renewed and alternative material sources. Technological developments and raw material prices open a window of opportunity for re-establishing mining operations in Europe. Additionally, material stocks in society (in deposits, landfills, stocks and end-of-life products) become economically viable raw material sources. Waste management has shifted to resource management. The sustainable management of materials has become a cornerstone in the transition to a green economy. In this green economy, product longevity and repair become central again and alternative business concepts are explored.



i-SUP2014, meeting point of the World players of the chemical industry

i-SUP2014, meeting point of the World players of the chemical industryAntwerp is one of the big chemistry clusters in Europe and part of the Antwerp-Rotterdam-RheinRuhr chemical megacluster.

Come and join us to understand the different strategic approaches towards growth and sustainability of the big chemical world players. VITO invited players from Europe (cradle of the chemistry), the new world in North-America and the emerging countries to discuss their vision on sustainability and growth in a globalized World.

Bayer, BASF and Solvay celebrate(d) their 150 anniversary. From their cradle in Western-Europe they grew worldwide. Only a strong business plan could keep them growing all the time in a changing history. Other companies, as Taminco for instance, will present their approach via focussing on specialty chemicals. DOW chemicals will represent the chemical industry form North-America. The emerging world will be represented by Braskem (Brasil), Sabic (Saudi Arabia), Reliance (India) and Sinopec (China). It will be an interesting group, challenging big and fast growing markets and at the same time facing problems as climate change, water scarcity, a changing feedstock landscape, high energy costs etc. How will they cope with these challenges? Many questions for the industry but also for the research world.

At the end of the event, we will bring a discussion over the topics of chemistry, energy and materials. How are they integrated in the policy of the value chain?


Money Talks - the right investor for your Cleantech business

Money Talks - the right investor for your Cleantech businessEconomic growth implies financial resources: there's nothing new to it. Nowaday's challenges however are bigger than ever. Is the Cleantech sector feeling the impacts of increasingly risk averse financial markets? Which Cleantech companies managed to find financial resources for their innovation and growth? What are VC and corporate Cleantech investors looking for? Where will their money go in the near future? Listen and learn what next term's capital market and sustainable game-changing innovations will look like!


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