September 2, 2014

Session 1: The energy transition and its impact on stakeholders and harbour regions
The first part of the Energy session aims to clarify the main trends of this energy “revolution” and the expected consequences for the European (industrial) landscape. The industrial harbour environment is an ideal showcase.
Confirmed speakers:
  • The energy landscape in transition, effects on the European energy stakeholders and the EU industry
    Jonas Geerinck, Principal, “Boston Group Consulting”
  • Integrated energy infrastructure investment plans (heat, steam, electricity) in the Rotterdam harbour
    Nico Van Dooren (the Netherlands) - Manager Energy and Process Industry, Port of Rotterdam
  • Didier Van Osselaer (Port of Antwerp) - Sustainable Energy for the Port of Antwerp
Session 2: Linking the energy system and industrial processes
The second part elaborates on new opportunities linking industries. Renewable energy will only deliver full benefits through affordable short and long term storage technologies. For long term storage, “power to gas” and “power to chemicals” are on the edge of a commercial breakthrough, linking energy and chemical industry. 
Confirmed speakers:
  • Position and opportunities GdF Suez sees in the field of power to gas/products
    Sandra Capela, leader of the R&D project for Hydrogen and Power to gas at CRIGEN – Research and Technology Direction of GDF SUEZ
  • Conversion from CO2 to chemicals
    Dr. Reinhold Achatz (Head of the Corporate Function Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, ThyssenKrupp AG, Germany)
  • Power to gas: experiences for real application
    Niels Bjarne K. Rasmussen (Manager Sustainable Energy, Danish Gas Technology Centre)

  • Power to gas pilot projects and road maps
    Filip Smeets, General Manager, Hydrogenics Europe N.V.

September 3, 2014

Session 3: Innovative energy networks based on renewable energy sources
“Energy networks for urban growth” is the third key element of the energy session. Starting with examples of organizational and business structures of heating networks, the presentations focus on a specific renewable energy source linked to these urban networks: geothermal energy.
Confirmed speakers:
  • New business opportunities and challenges for geothermal applications
    Philippe Dumas - Secretary General, European Geothermal Energy council
  • The impact of government policies on renewable energy introduction: the Dutch Geothermal case
    Victor van Heekeren (the Netherlands) - Chairman Dutch Geothermal platform
  • The 4th generation of heating networks: Celsius City - the District Heating way to Sustainable Growth
    Jonas Cognell (Sweden) - Senior programme manager, former director of renewable electricity - Göteborg Energi
  • The Balmatt project: a prominent showcase for geothermal energy
    Ben Laenen / Geert De Meyer (Belgium) - VITO