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September 1 - 3 • 2014 • HILTON Antwerp


September 2, 2014

12 PM till 2 PM – European Advisory Board Meeting Cleantech Group - by invitation only
Session 1: 2 PM till 3.30 PM - chaired by Capricorn Venture Partners
What type of money suits your Cleantech business, team and aspirations?
Today’s challenges are bigger than ever. Fostering innovative SMEs offering solutions for climate change and resource shortages can help anticipate. Venture capitalists and equity investors take different approaches than 5 years ago when considering projects. What are investors looking at when considering your SME? How investable is your company, and how do they assess its value capturing position?
  • KEYNOTE - What type of money suits your business, team and aspirations? – by KeyStone Compact Group, Ltd
  • CASES from Entrepreneurs and their Investors - The Keynote is illustrated by real life cases taken from the Flemish Cleantech eco-system. We listen to the investor’s and the entrepreneur’s perspective:
    • Materializing Innovation – the challenge of investing in young material companies – by Finindus
    • From idea to world-class manufacturer – by Borit
    • Attract US technology to Flanders and lever high-volume production and commercialisation – by Capricorn Venture Partners

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Confirmed speakers

  • Jos Peeters – Capricorn Venture Partners
  • Peter Adriaens – KeyStone Compact Group - University of Michigan (USA)
  • Hans Maenhout – Finindus
  • Dirk De Boever – Borit
  • Claude Stoufs – Capricorn Venture Partners

Session 2: 4 PM till 6 PM - chaired by Capricorn Venture Partners
Cases from entrepreneurs and investors

  • CASES from Entrepreneurs and their Investors (cont’d) - Examples cover innovative SMEs gearing up with Venture Capitalists. How do entrepreneurs cope with the different span of control? And do entrepreneurs manage to capitalize on the resources, experience and networks offered? Again, we listen to both the investor and the investee.
    • US Technology scaling in Europe and the role of the Flemish investor – a first anniversary wrap up – by FRX Polymers
    • A China Story – the role of emerging markets in cleantech Investments – by GIMV
    • Growth and the choice for emerging markets – by Punch Power Train
    • Want to attract Capital-E’s attention? Prove innovations driving high productivity and low cost! – by Capital-E
    • Cleantech at the edge of materials and energy – by NovoPolymers 

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Confirmed speakers

  • Marc A. Lebel – FRX Polymers
  • Bart Cauwberghe – GIMV
  • Cor Van Otterloo – Punch Powertrain
  • Sofie Baeten – Capital-E
  • Koen Hasaers – NovoPolymers

September 3, 2014

Session 3: 9 AM till 11 AM – chaired by Flanders Investment & Trade

The changed environment of Cleantech and the complex partnering with Corporates
How do corporates add value by teaming up with and investing in SMEs? We learn how they provide ultimate validation for a company’s innovations, how they assist in establishing early paths to commercialisation through financial assistance and institutional knowledge, and open doors to new, global customers and distribution channels.

  • KEYNOTE - Innovation, investment and corporates: thoughts on the path ahead for Cleantech by Cleantech Group

After this keynote, we listen to the aspirations of two Belgian Corporate investors

    • Early-stage investments as integral part of a corporate’s growth strategy – by Bekaert Venturing
    • Teaming up with GDF SUEZ New Ventures – what SMEs get in return – by GDF Suez New Ventures
    • 7x7 Entrepreneurial Pitches – introduced & chaired by Ernst&Young,
    • 7 entrepreneurs pitching 7 minutes about their game-changing Cleantech offer: ** AppliTek ** Hadda International Group ** Hydrogenics ** LayerWise ** NuReSys ** The Sniffers ** Typhoon ** Voxdale

More info on each contribution here

Confirmed speakers

  • John Verzeele – Flanders Investment & Trade
  • Richard Youngman – Cleantech Group (USA)
  • Nuno Carvalho – Bekaert Ventures
  • Hendrik Van Asbroeck – GDF Suez
  • Tristan Dhondt – Ernst & Young
  • Entrepreneurs pitching:
    • David Laurier - AppliTek
    • Ed de Nijs - Hadda International Group
    • Filip Smeets - Hydrogenics
    • Damien Mullenders - LayerWise
    • Carl Dewaele - NuReSys
    • Guido Van Baelen - The Sniffers
    • Frederic Bulcaen - Typhoon
    • Koen Beyers - Voxdale